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Welcome to Brian Fanzo's iSocial Brand | Motivated to help others embrace technology & drive digital collaboration

Brian Fanzo's Bio:

I am a proud Dad of 3 girls with a passion for sports and I am a geek for technology. I am ambassador and advocate for embracing social media and social business to increase productivity & collaboration!

I have 10+ years of experience building solutions and integrating software to increase productivity, drive sales and maximize ROI for the business. My experience with enterprise software ranges from implementation, administration, training to strategic planning. I have a deep appreciation and understanding of what it takes to successfully integrate a tool into a company to support the business.

Currently I am the Technology Evangelist at IO focused on driving innovation, product strategy, product marketing and community awareness of IO as a brand by utilizing social business, social media, community engagement and content creation. We are developing a social intelligence platform to predict sales by integrating influence metrics and social data.

Brian Fanzo

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Social Media, Social Business, SocBiz, Cloud, Tech, Apple, Geek, Steelers

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